Nowadays, almost anyone is present on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest with his own profile. In Contrast to those profiles, a website offers a whole new level of possibilities to represent yourself, your hobbys and your ideas to the world.

Most people lack the necessary knowledge to entere such a versatile and rapidly changing area as webdesing with its countless number of content management systems, seo requirements and design skills. That’s why is like to help people design their own websites. I like working with wordpress most, but am also open for other suggestions.

Mostly, I’m working in the area of Kobelnz, but am also looking forward to getting customers from all over the world.


For companies, may they be ever so small, it’s not an option any longer to market their products without a catching internet pressence. I offer business websites for smal and middle sized companies, startups, sport clubs and educational facilites.

Depending on your goals and expected price there are the possibilites to get an individually designed theme, to get a pre made theme customized for your purpose.

SEO, meaning search engine optimization is a term, that’s used by pretty much everyone and became more relevant over the last two years. If your website is not found by goole, the best webdesigne is no use. It’s important to me, that your site can always reliably be found by potential customers.

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