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  • Short consultation with me concerning the design of your new website
  • Step of step inclusion into the development process
  • Do you have some ideas that are difficult for you to implement?

Webdesign Koblenz, Webentwicklung, Homepage, Website, Homepagedesign

It’s easy, just contact me with your ideas and wishes


  • Do you have an idea for a new app?
  • Are you interested in virutal or augmented reality applications and need an developer to implement your ideas?
  • Or do you need an individual software solution specially designed for your problem?

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Webdesign Koblenz, Webentwicklung, Homepage, Website, Homepagedesign



Nowadays, almost anyone is present on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest with his own profile. In Contrast to those profiles, a website offers a whole new level of possibilities to represent yourself, your hobbys and your ideas to the world.

Most people lack the necessary knowledge to entere such a versatile and rapidly changing area as webdesing with its countless number of content management systems, seo requirements and design skills. That’s why is like to help people design their own websites. I like working with wordpress most, but am also open for other suggestions.

Mostly, I’m working in the area of Kobelnz, but am also looking forward to getting customers from all over the world.


For companies, may they be ever so small, it’s not an option any longer to market their products without a catching internet pressence. I offer business websites for smal and middle sized companies, startups, sport clubs and educational facilites.

Depending on your goals and expected price there are the possibilites to get an individually designed theme, to get a pre made theme customized for your purpose.

SEO, meaning search engine optimization is a term, that’s used by pretty much everyone and became more relevant over the last two years. If your website is not found by goole, the best webdesigne is no use. It’s important to me, that your site can always reliably be found by potential customers.

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Webdesign Koblenz, Webentwicklung, Homepage, Website, Homepagedesign


Android Apps

Starting at indoor- and outdoor desinge, navigation, restaurant finders and ending with flight trackers and messenger applications, there is almost nothing where there is not app for. Apps are getting more and more popular, there are almost no smartphnes without Goole maps, snapchat or WhatsApps any more. Small companies and start-ups are cating on to that train now to market their products or offer services in an easy and intuitiv way via app to their customers. It’s important to me, that smaller companies or individual people can profit from the boom of apps too. That’s why I’m happy to help you with designing and developing your app.

Small Games

Who hasn’t deamt of developing his own game for the PlayStore. Maybe, we can do this together. I’ll do the programming, while you come up with the idas.

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Webdesign Koblenz, Webentwicklung, Homepage, Website, Homepagedesign


Java or C++

Software development is a gigantic field. I develop small, individual solutions for certain projects. I’ll always welcome smart and interesting project ideas.


I can’t offer much experience in this area, but would love to get a foot into this amazing futuristic fied of computer science. I’d really look forward to getting requests for vr and ar projects.

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About me

Hi there, my name is Vera Christ, until 2017 I studied computer science at the University of Koblenz-Landau and am now working as a freelance developer in the field of software- and webdevelopment, which means that I’m developing websites and software solutions for customers. The most important stations of my live concerning my career are listed below. For more detailed information please contact me directly.


  • Abitur (A-Levels) at a college until 2011
  • Bachelor degree in computer science until 2015
  • Four month Work&Travel in Australia in winter 2015
  • Masters degree in computer scinece until 2017

Professional experiences

  • Worked, and awarded for that work, at my schools website during my time at school
  • Contruction of my sport clubs website
  • Student, later scientific assistant in three different working groups at my university during both my degrees
  • Praktika in den Bereichen Systemadministration, Sicherheit und Webdesign


  • licensed trainer in my sports club, for ten years now, leading my own group for the last eight years with national and international success
  • national leage jury license as well as instructer for advanced jury training
  • 2018, reward for honorary engagement form the Sports Jouth of Rheinland-Pfalz



Java and Java EE programming

Studentprojects at the University of Kobelnz-Landau:

  • Construction of a software to calculate the volume of erosion in rivers in heavy rain conditions by using 3D pointclouds
  • Updating an API from using AWT to SWING
  • Construciton of a complete Java EE Page with database system, REST and SQL

C++ Programming (also with OpenGL)

Bachelor thesis: Mathmatical animation and visualistaioni of water surfaces in OpenGL

Hardwareoriented programming with Arduino

Master thesis: Construction of a motion capture system using Arduino hardware and inertial meassurement units, as well as a joint visualisation in Blender

Hiwiprojekt: Synchronisation between laser scanner data, a camera system and an inertial messurement unit

3D Visualisation with Blender and Unity

multiple student projects at the University of Koblenz-Landau


Neu site for my sport club VfL Lahnstein 1970 e.V.; done with wordpress:

The old site is outdated for some time now, but was at the state of the art level when I contructed it more than 10 years ago. Without the help of a content management system, this site was scripted from scratch with only HTML, CSS and JavaScript (

School page of the Marion-Dönhoff-Gymnasium in Lahnstein (link not avaliable, as it is supervised by another teacher now).


to be done